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Once again Rev. Al Sharpton seeks to insight anger and riots.  Will ANYTHING he marches in front of and shouts for stay peaceful? I doubt it. Why does a religious leader stand up and shout from the treetops? Simple (and I know some of you are going to get pissy at me but I don't care what the colour of the persons skin is) FOLLOWERS garnered by ATTENTION.  There is no other reason for a man in his position to do this. Not now and not in #Ferguson Missouri. It's a spotlight seeking, ego maniacal motivation and nothing more.  Does he care about people as a race or just ONE race. And on top of it he get PAID to do it. (thank you MSNBC)

NY rally for choke-out victim
(Photo: STAN HONDA, AFP/Getty Images)
The ONLY reason is to insight anger and put himself at the forefront.  Consider the motivations of someone who stand in front of a camera to denounce others without knowing all facts.  Worst of all they only want to know ONE side so they can stand on moral high ground and shout righteous indignation.  If you know both sides you have to temper you voice to REASON. But to stand and march like Rev. Sharpton is strictly to garner more recognition as an activist and gain more members of  followers to his "flock".

Let me help to understand my point.  Even if it was OPRAH I would say the same thing.  If it was the Governor of Missouri I would say the same thing.  What do people of "celebrity" have to gain by standing at the front of a rally? Numbers, followers, ratings, you name it and it's probably right.  I have Huge respect for Oprah Winfrey.  Heck we know that if she decided to throw her hat in the presidential ring that should would probably win hands down.  (Just hope every month a new state would get free cars! Though it would be cheaper if she moved to Canada and became the Prime Minister.  It's only the state of California worth of cars.)

When "Iyanla Fix My Life" on the OWN network (Oprah Winfrey Network) decided to do her thing for the people of #Ferguson with Michael Browns' father and the Chief of Police I decried it as a ratings grabbing piece of filth IF it was done entirely in front of the cameras. IF she was being completely sincere in her desire to fix the situation and create calm then it would be done PROFESSIONALLY. Meaning NO cameras. Maybe some stills but no cameras.  WHY?  Cameras change everything. Sit in private session and DO IT RIGHT. Then AFTER all was said and done, tears and yelling in private, THEN and ONLY THEN do the two principals involved step before a PRESS conference and explain what has happened.  Now It's not a ratings grab it's a legitimate therapy. Unmotivated by a personal agenda for self aggrandizement.

Do we see where I am going with this gang?  I am trying hard not to over complicate this but it is such a psychological web of deeply motivated selfishness it makes me nauseous.  To understand the type of personality that thrives on being the centre of attention to such a degree that it's almost uncontrollable.

If Rev. Sharpton was truly well meaning and not self serving then he would go to the family and private and speak to them. He would hold a press conference in a controlled and calm manor speaking his mind but asking for calm. Not in-sighting riot through his passionate "souther baptist" style of righteous indignation with fire and brimstone. a TRUE leader does not act out of uncontrolled passion but precise and focused control. Heck if the parents of the slain boy can ask for calm when they have every right to be anger, bitter and bible thumpin' passionate, then a community leader like Rev. Sharpton should be able to do the same. It is expected from a leader to be and DO exactly that.

Though I do not doubt that when all is said and done we will find this was NOT a racially motivated situation,(But Rev. Sharpton would make it one to further his agenda and validate his pay-check) but likely either one of poor training or the officer was telling the truth. We need to step back as a HUMAN race and ask "What are the motivations of the people who stand up for us?  Why would a person who is justified to be disproportionately passionate and angry not. But someone from the out side is?" and all should say to themselves "We are better than this and I will not become the beast that seeks wanton destruction to mollify my unfounded anger." "Who is stirring my anger?" and "Where is it coming from?"  Consider the source people. Consider reason. Consider that you may not know all the facts and that before you go hanging someone you should know what happened to mitigate the situation. This is about doing the right thing. "NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE?" means  No peace till I my anger is sated is what it means. Justice has nothing to do with it. We all know the only thing the black community of #Ferguson want to hear is that the boy was wronged and the officer is a racist pig that will be locked away for life. Just because colour is the issue all see. Unless a the investigation comes back with a charge of murder and a Judge sentences him with life (or death) the rioters will not be satisfied. And fates preserve us if THAT doesn't happen

When will we stop seeing colour and religion and start seeing humans and behaviours as tools of judgement.

Yours In Clay & Water

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