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Let me start by saying it is my perception that beyond a shadow of a doubt, we of the western world, love our children more than anyone in the mid-east.  I don't say this very easily.  They (parents, and I use that term loosely) treat their children like a part of their own personal labour force or future soldiers to die with honour for whatever. Their desire to martyr their children says to me what Golda Meier knew decades before I figured it out on my own. "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us." Statement to the National Press Club in Washington, D. C. in 1957, as quoted in A Land of Our Own : An Oral Autobiography (1973) edited by Marie Syrkin, p. 242
But why?  Why are they so willing to let them die? Why do they not covet, protect, cherish and bubble wrap them as we do here.  Yes I said "bubble wrap".  To my next bend in the road.

Whereas the mid-east tends to throw their children on the pyre like so much kindling, we protect them like fine and rare china.  Never out of sight or out of reach.  Fear has made us hold them close.Too close. When I was growing up in southern Ontario in the 70's it was no big deal to wander the neighbourhood looking to play in the street with friends or hop on the bus or subway to head to the Ontario Science Centre. (They had to kick me out at night) I was riding public transit alone by the time I was 6 or 7.  Fear of an attacker was non existent.  Those nut jobs were only in the big cities of the US.  In reality they were far more predominant state side.  Just a matter of numbers and law of averages.  More people more nutters per capita. But our response to the perception that things in the states were as bad as they could be come the 1990's is that we believed it was that bad here.  So letting our kids say "Hey mom/dad I'm going over to Tommy's to play" and responding "be back for dinner!" has basically become "I'll call Tommy's dad/mom to arrange a play date this weekend".  We fear so much harm around every corner. WHY?

Photo: Stephen Baccon

We are babying, smothering and coddling our children.  We love them SO much that we don't want them to grow up.  Some people decide that it is better to keep having babies so they never have to be alone without the sound of little feet.  So they never stop being needed. For example take the show 19 kids and counting. The Duggers are a psychologists field study into parental addiction. Addicted to being either pregnant or BEING a parent. A need to be absolutely needed.  On the other side there are those that are afraid to bring even ONE child into this world.  They know that they couldn't handle the stress of fearing for the child and all the monsters around the bend.  So why do we do this where in the mid-east where death is a step away.  Where every other person is packing a weapon they still let their children play in danger zones, run around ramshackle buildings or burnt out cars.  Go to water parks without supervision and travel around both safe and war torn regions alike.  Is our perception wrong?  The footage we see on TV and the internet wrong?  Do they love their children or do they consider them just part of the process of survival and a tool to shock and use to further the cause of Jihad.

 In this photo this child is role playing with adults and teens of his town.  These people are showing him what is expected of him and of course they were show the same when they were kids.  So what do you EXPECT the western perception to be when you post photo's like this or worse

video's like this....

How do you love children who are trained and indoctrinated to kill and hate? You can't. You can be proud of them as they die for a cause you yourself won't die for. No, you'll teach the hate but you yourself will watch your child die for a cause that has no end.  You'll cry for the camera and blame the enemy but not yourself.  No matter how many times the world calls for peace, all they do is kill for pride and martyrdom. Peace is not in their vocabulary.  It's not taught. School is for teaching love and numbers and science and history.  Useful skills for building a better future. To be a useful member of society for MANY YEARS to come.  Not till he's ready to die.  WHY!?  Am I the only one who is sitting here busting his nut over this travesty of life.  Where an entire adult culture should be brought up before a commission for violating basic human rights. (I hate referring to HRC's but...)  For parenting practices that are or should be considered abuse and deem the entire country unfit parents.  If you kill your children and train them to die then how do you expect your so called burgeoning nation to have a future?  Oh right. You don't. The highest joy in life is not to live in peace and happiness. Raise a family and retire.  It's to die.  So why try and live love and enjoy your children.  It'll be short and you shouldn't be around to enjoy it anyway.   As the world became smaller we became more fearful. What news our parents saw when we were children has since increased 100 fold.  Since we became the parents our views of the crimes south of us here added to our fear of spill over.  Toronto went from 2 million to 3 million.  So therefore our violent crime rates must have increased by at least one half, right? All it took was to hear that one crime here in Canada matched the several heard about in say New York or Florida or Washington DC and suddenly the one similar was now several.  We perceptually grafted those crimes on to our one.  We suddenly had nutters around every corner.  So on goes the bubble wrap. But in our exuberance to protect them we have also taught them to not be taken advantage of.  In doing so and not letting them discover that power through trial and error, we have inadvertently created a monster.  The entitlement generation.  They want it because they believe they should have without earning it.  No sweat, no blood and not mistakes to account for and learn from.  Did we make out kids over wise?  Doubt it.
One thing is for certain.  We over protect our children maybe even make them incapable of handling life. But in the mid-east they don't seem to give a rats ass about theirs.  That is the perception you over there have allowed to be shown in the media.  Care to change it?  Just get back to loving what you created in the name of G-D if indeed you believe in a G-D as you say you do.  If he was here I promise you, it would be a major time out for you!

Yours In Clay & Water

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