Friday, August 1, 2014

HAMAS Covenant -wikipedia

It's funny but no matter how bad things get in any national conflict you will NEVER find a charter (guidelines and expectation of it's people) that support and commands the destruction of another and it's neighbor.  Not in this day and age.  It has no place in today's' world.  Especially if you want to be taken seriously as a responsible nation on the world stage.  Or heck, even be recognized.  No matter how much a people may dislike or g-d forbid "HATE" another you can't run a country with this as a primary expectation of it's citizenry.  It's beyond the pale and completely and unequivocally insane.  That is the mindset that we are trying to reason with.  MOB anger embittered by shallow yet talented, charismatic, megalomaniacs who are able to stir the pot with old hates. Make them fresh and with blood in their eyes make them blind to sense and serenity.  The funny thing is, except for the extremism (orthodoxy) Israeli's don't hate the Arabs.  Distrust maybe but not hate.  They could and do just as easily hold out a hand to a fallen Arab as a Jew. Carry and shelter them as a brother or sister to safety and help.  Would a Hamas enraged Palestinian do the same? And there is the difference.  Why is that do you think?

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