Tuesday, September 9, 2014


How is it that a threat so obvious has so few talking about it?  Do we feel that secure in fighter scrambles? Do we feel they are that DUMB not to know about GPS relays in "other places" on the planes sending telemetry and status data. They can remove the IFF tags but not the others. Is that enough to make all the MSM's feel safe? Or maybe it will just be African targets.  That is all. Just someone else's problem.  Till they figure out how to block the rest and avoid radar systems till it's too late. I am surprised at the American complacency in this instance.

Well if #terrorists are consistent it will have a significant meaning. So. two more days till the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Hmmm I sense potential here. Good thing I'm a Canadian Jew and not a lunatic, Orwellian lemming for #ISIS or #muslimbrotherhood eh?

Yours In Clay & Water

USATODAY the most recent article is a sad 4 days old.

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  1. Although intel was caught off guard when asked about it, turns out the story was probably bunk.

    Most folks were blind to this story because it could have been an onion,

    Given the airport had been overrun weeks prior by Jihadists, I doubt there were any techs about maintain what civilian air assets were there to maintain in a state capable of flight...even if 11 aircraft had survived.

    So here we are weeks later with no further stories on it.

    Rather, it could be there are aviation teams out there who can recover airframes and abscond with them, probably funded by those who own the companies who make them.

    It ain't space that's the last frontier when one is trapped in a gravity well. It's the airspace that is.