Saturday, August 2, 2014


Ya this is going to end great!  Twitter is ablaze like a virus out of control consuming all in it's path.  Two American aide workers who have contracted the deadly and incurable disease are on a plane this moment.  They are being transported for treatment to a medical facility (probably the CDC if there is a saving grace in this plan) for a treatment that doesn't exist.  What is there is not cleared for human trials. (unless these two poor souls have volunteered knowing it's their only shot at survival.) Whomever or how much ever they know or paid for this doesn't matter.  But the only thing keeping #ebola out of North America, Central and South America is the OCEAN you short sighted, over ambitious , self bloated on your own egos, meglomaniacal, over bearing, puffed up, brainless GITS!

There are facilities and peoples capable of treating this in the place or near the place that it was rampant already. Containment of a super bug or planet altering illness is first and foremost protocol.  HOW did the Doctors on the ground allow this to happen?  The W.H.O. who's job it is to watch, regulate and advise in these matter apparently is asleep at the switch.  The procedures are pretty damn clear on how to deal with a contagion of this magnitude and THAT is not being done in these two aide workers cases.  Why? HERE is the PDF on dealing with Haemorrhagic Viral Fevers. So with all that they still transported the infected OVER SEAS to us.  It's like watching a movie where the writer has made it so obvious that it's about to get ugly.  Like creeping camera shot up to a door or the up close of a person standing looking around and it goes to an extreme close-up.  You know the shots. Well only in another hour it's not going to have a happy ending or a cliff hanger for the sequel.  It's either going to go away quietly OR we are all going to need a bigger planet.  Do I sound alarmist calling for the plane to be shot down?  We all know they won't turn around so only 2 other options (in my view of course). 1. Force it down elsewhere by denying entry into US airspace or 2 SHOOT IT down as a Clear and present danger.  Common sense is a good dictator!  Not a tyrant.  Listen to it!  There is a reason it is not marked in North America on the W.H.O. list.

Look I am not saying this to disrespect the lives and work of those volunteers who are now pretty much assured a slow and agonizing death.  But you and I all know that the mortality rate says you don't take this chance.  You bring the experiment to them not the other way around.  Assuming that is why they are coming back to the US.  There is NO reason to risk bringing such a disease over seas.  Not even if it was the President Of The United States.  NO ONE is worth risking multiple nations at once.  If I had it I would be saying KEEP ME AWAY from EVERYONE except those nuts enough to treat me.  Or fates forbid, "KILL ME QUICKLY". But do it where I CONTRACTED it.  Don't fly my contagious ass across the planet.

It was either selfish of them to ask or GREEDY of the pharmaceutical companies to orchestrate this debacle.
And I strongly believe the latter.  No health worker would ever choose to risk their own.  They know better and are far more selfless.

G-d bless you and G-d rest you. May your pain be slight and over fast. And an Amraam up the tailpipe of your plane would do just that.

Yours In Clay & Water

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UPDATE: At least one of the aide workers IS going to Atlanta for treatment. Damn I'm good!

But WHY? and where is the other going?  

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