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Will Hayden a retired US Marine, owner of Red Jacket Firearms and star of the now cancelled Discovery Channel show "Sons Of Guns".

Well if you were to ask me to profile a paedophile or a budding child molester I would not have given you Will Hayden as a primary example. Having said that a child's accusations have to be listened to. But without there being more than allegations a man's life sits in ruin. I call that excessive power. First the ex-girlfriend claims that their 12 year old daughter was molested. He is Arrested and eventually released on 250K bail. But then (notice it's AFTER the ex makes the claim) the Daughter corroborates the story saying she was afraid to talk before. There are a lot of kids making allegations these days that get parents in a pot of hot water without a shred of evidence. Just that the words of a child are always true. Anyone with a child knows THAT is a misnomer. Children are HONEST but truthful? The imagination and ability to create stories is incredible. My Daughter has made up some whoppers believe me. But the understanding of creativity and lies have a very grey line.

Was the ex's daughter coerced into it by a bitter mother, seeking more money from a successful reality show star? Good chance of it. The Washington Post has posted a sketchy commentary designed to make Will Hayden look like a potential molester. But it's all out of context. Headered "Scary past Of Will Hayden"
 1. Hayden was beaten as a child.
2. And he survived a house fire. 
3. He couldn't afford a gun — so he made one. 
4. He was suspected of robbing his own gun shop.
5. He’s said creepy things about virgins before.
Let's get real about this last one. Guys have been making ridiculous and unsubstantiated rude comments about virgins since we started thinking about sex. THAT does not make you creepy. It makes you a GUY. NONE of these elements fit a profile for a child molester. Heck if he liked to torture small things and was molested as a child MAYBE then it would be in his psyche.  But all this makes is for a strong and resolute man of action and control. A man I would most likely want at my back in a shitstorm. (pardon my language)

Having said all this I believe in letting the system do it's due diligence. If he is shown by evidence that he is guilty then he should bloody well go away for life and throw away the key.  But I find that the rule of "Innocent till proven guilty" is also a misnomer.  "Guilty till proven innocent" is more correct.  Everyone judges the moment accusations are laid. Everyone becomes an armchair quarterback (or judge in these cases). Even Discovery Channel has cancelled the show and wiped it from their site. SO just the POTENTIAL makes it so.  What if it's all a grab and an angry ruse to destroy a good person.  His own elder daughter stephanie says there was never ANY impropriety in their house ever.  Sisters tend to defend one another.  What an offending father does to one he will usually do or have done to the other.

what happens on a daily basis all around the world makes me sick. People are accused of doing a heinous crime by others with all to gain by the downfall of the accused.  But no one thinks ok, what's YOUR side of the story? It's just "YEAH STRING THEM UP! MURDERER!, RAPIST, PAEDOPHILE, RACIST, BABY KILLER, ABUSER, MISOGYNIST, LAWYER!" Ok so no one is accused of being a misogynist (hehe)

I know that usually where there is smoke there is fire BUT not always and when there is revenge and money almost never. If I am wrong then I will gladly say so and take my lumps.  I can accept errors in judgment and I am not being emphatic here but I think this is a case of revenge. Worst of all I believe the mother has coerced her daughter to defame a good man in the name of revenge and money.  That The Discovery Channel has once again shown itself to be a knee jerk reactionist (as they did with Phil Roberts of Duck Dynasty fame) afraid of bad numbers and publicity that MAY negatively reflect on their bottom line, shows how the world bends.  Even though I believe constitutionally they have no reason to cancel the show of an accused man and not a convicted man.  Example. The title of my article. Quite deliberate. Did you Judge immediately? Were you disgusted?  Were you willing to read before judging? Did you jump to a conclusion?

Where is the support of your shows?  Don't you look into the background of your hires?  Aren't you willing to stand by the members of your shows that you make millions on?  Just cut and run eh David Zaslav.

NOT someone I want at my back in a shitstorm. (sorry again, I'm so Canadian)

Yours In Clay & water

*-As Always I welcome your thoughts.  But NOT your hate. If you just want to spew rhetoric and hate at me don't bother. I welcome debate on TOPIC and not personal attacks.

Since I wrote this as of Thursday September 11th 2014 Stephanie Hayden has come out on US National TV during the Dr. Phill show to explain AN alleged incident 20 years earlier where ah says her father made an attempt at an overtly sexual advance in regards to her breasts. Though he stopped suddenly it has stuck in her mind and came roaring back after her little sister confessed to the assaults on her person. Stephanie now believes these accusations to be true. Her husband and part owner of Red Jacket Firearms Kris Ford was backstage and was shocked and mortified. He only then found out what his mentor adopted father figure has been alleged to have perpetrated upon his own Daughters. "What kind of monster does that to his own child" Kris was recorded saying at the end of the episode while behind scenes at the show.

Will still stands by his innocence and I am inclined to believe the words of his own Daughter Stephanie as she has nothing to be gained by these charges or his potential lifetime incarceration.  She is already a major share holder in the family company.  All I can say is sometimes the worst allegation are true.  BUT WAIT Till you hear ALL the facts before casting judgement people. Now I have heard what I believe to damning evidence let the system do it's job.

Though it saddens me to see it and say it, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.  Sexual predators cannot be rehabilitated.  Will Hayden if found guilty (and he should) should NEVER see the light of day again.

Yours In Clay & Water.

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