Saturday, August 2, 2014


You will recall earlier today my thoughts on the flights with the two aide workers who have contracted #Ebola?  Well I have posted this thought in #twitter @JEWClayandH20 also after having delved into the CDC plans and how the pharmaceutical companies operate.

Open scene on infected aide worker walking into Emory University Atlanta in a level B hazmat suit. While in the ambulance a CDC agent quietly nicks an area of the suit that can easily come into contact with a surface. Arm, elbow, or glove.  As the subject enters the hospital he/she touches the door or handles of each area they traverse.

Close-up of contact point and insidious dramatic music plays: Cut scene

Go to interior office, very busy and bustling conversations for the Head of an"unnamed" Pharmaceutical company CEO.  He is surrounded by the leads on the #Ebola vaccine research project. Very anxious and seemingly nervous.  Close up of hand touching office door handle and see the back of the CEO enter the office clearing a swath of these people like Moses parting the Red Sea. They all become quiet.  He moves behind his desk and sits.  All take their places around the office in chairs and likewise take a seat. He sits back and calmly places one hand on his chair leaning to the left.
 CEO- "Subject Zero is here."  You can begin trials in one hour.  You have 48 to get production of the first strand variant up and available for test.  After that we are going to start getting more cases." With an ounce of severity and menace in his voice he says-
"He has already breached his hazmat suit according to our man."   now with a definite sense of menace- "I can't stress enough people that this cannot leave this room.  People want a vaccine and this is how we can afford to get it.  You have all made this choice together. Sink or swim all or nothing.  Is that understood?" With the commanding voice of a battlefield general "LET'S GET TO IT PEOPLE!"

The team disperses while the camera pans back to the door and the backs of the departing scientists. The camera moves to the CEO for a Medium Long Shot of him behind the desk ruminating on his actions.

"They want a cure? A cure costs. Africa can't pay and cures don't make themselves. We need money and that comes from demand same as the Aids vaccine. Right?"
-a man in dark suit comes from behind door at the side of his office. camera moves to his face then over his should to show the concern on the CEO's face for the first time.
-Shady man- "You keep telling yourself that Francis and everything will be just fine.  You get your family up to Canada yet?. He says calmly and unconcerned. Like a man who's done this a hundred times and seen death in the face a thousand more.
-CEO(francis)- "Yeah 2 weeks ago that way it didn't look connected."
-Shady man- matter-of-factly "Good." END SCENE

Scared yet?

Wash your hands people. Wash your hands.

Your's In Clay & Water (lots of water and soap.. LOT's of soap)

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