Thursday, August 21, 2014


Bill has just said on National Television everything I have been saying on Twitter for the last several days.  And THANK G_D someone with national coverage said it!

LET the system do it's JOB! It's may not always work but it WORKS 99% of the time. So, unfounded, passionate, knee jerk, reaction-ism is a BAD idea. It's 2014 folks. We are a civilized Continent for the most part. Let's show the world how to deal with out problems. That death and unlawful, destructive, angry behaviour serves no one but the deranged and sycophantic. Show the world that the WEST has the best system of Government and Policing. That we can weather a storm and obtain Justice without killing thousands to make our point. Points are made in discussion and court rooms. Not with more bloodshed.  What did the grocery store owner do to you? What did the liquor store clerk do? Be there. So you could terrorize them in the name of your anger while excusing your pathetic gang-banger behaviour. Cloaking it in a protest that you care naught for.  

Thank you local pastors. Calling for calm and not insighting riot like Al Sharpton. I used to think religion was about peace and understanding your role in society to one another.  Over the last 30 years I have come to realize like race, it is used to control the masses and peg hole them in an expectation. Well making this a race issue only serves the individuals need to see people act and jump because they can.

Celebrity is addicting and powerful. Al Sharpton is that. Consider what if his passion was used to CALM the people of #Ferguson instead of hoping to tear it apart for his cause. The Cause of racial destruction and governmental dismemberment in the name of Jesus. Makes him feel like G_D if you ask me.

Think like the Brits people.  KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

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