Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Ok so MAGIC IS MISSING!! (cue dramatic suspense music... dum dum duuuum!)

Let's understand.  Magic is my daughters little stuffed unicorn and picture evidence proved it was in her hands on the bed in the hotel 24 hours ago.  We have town the place apart and her tears are flowing something fierce. wife - "When we get home, if we can't find her we'll buy you another one." More tears ensue. me- "Hun offer to replace her new fav. is like saying I could go out and replace you".

So my wife comes up with the logic that housekeeping didn't see this one in the blankets and it ended up in laundry where it would have then been discovered.  Pretty sound logic, so I called front desk.and found out that if this had occurred it would be in housekeeping managers office and HE was gone till 8am tomorrow. "alarms bells and heart sinking ensued in me now. "It's not going to be a good night" I said to him.  He kindly apologized and said that they used to have care bears to give out in such emergencies but have since run out and not restocked. "Sorry sir and good luck" ending on a chipper but sympathetic exit.  fourth times the charm!

So back into tearing the room apart.  I could hear the pain and tears flowing from my little girl.  It was breaking my heart and then I thought...What if all they did was reset the room and just tucked in the bedding.  So I began to feel the end of the bed and under the blankets.  Just then I looked at my wife and said "hey hun, what if they just re-tucked it?" I ripped off the cover and low and behold it fell into my wife's hands. She exclaims "I've never been so happy to see a stuffiie". tears brimming in both our eyes.  No more heart break and best of all...

We will sleep tonight!\

sleep tight!

Yours In Clay & Water

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