Thursday, July 10, 2014


           I was looking back over past posts from some of my Fav bloggers and remembered when Valley Park Middle School was discovered to be allowing the Muslim population of the school to hold prayers (boys only) run by an assigned Imam on Friday's in the gym.  Who brought this to light? Jews?, Christians? how about Hindus!  That's right!  I said Hindus were first up to cry fowl.  The story itself was actually broken by power blogger Blazing Cat Fur.  NOT MSM's but a blogger.  so research done, calls made and voila! it's true!  WHOA! WHA! wait! Public schools which has in it's constitution the removal of prayer and all manner of religious indoctrination for the secular benefit of all, had reneged to accommodate once again. Our government provides multiple faith based options for education to those wanting "the lords prayer" or the likes, back in their children lives.  In comes upstart accommodation faith Muslim and suddenly that goes out the window?  We are having work to rule protests, teachers forced back to work for under staffed over worked teachers and now they are talking PERMANENT prayer space for "MULTI-FAITH" prayers in the schools. WHY? Any organization can obtain permits to use property and pay whatever fees... but to say we want PERMANENCY?! OPEN A MUSLIM SCHOOL! Like the RCSSB, or Jewish schools... Make one, meet provincial standards and criteria and get on with your lives!  BUT KEEP YOUR knees bent, carpet dropping, running around, foul crying butts out of my classes!  If your want so much accommodation for your beliefs from us but moved here from a country that was 100% supportive of your faith.... WHY THE HECK DID YOU LEAVE?!  Don't tell me it was to have a better life for your family.  It's obvious to ANYONE with 1/3 of a NUT in their receptacles that if faith is priority number 1 then this is NOT the right place to be.

        NOW in true Canadian fashion let me also say, if you are NOT one of those DEMANDING "accommodation" for your faith (Muslim or any theims), that your choice to send your child to a PUBLIC school and not a faith based institution included understanding that teaching religion was on your own time at home or the mosque, then BRAVO and welcome to Canada as a CANADIAN AND this post is NOT about you.

         Just so you understand, I believe that religion and government should never cross paths.  A country GOVERNED strictly by religious doctrine is a recipe for disaster.  Leave faith in the home and places of worship, but society as a whole governed by rules and laws written by the secular elect.

          To those insisting it's your RIGHT...Feel free to practice, just not in my space or on my dime!

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