Friday, July 11, 2014


               That is the question we spend far too much time asking ourselves and those around us.  It is, I BELIEVE the one most deadly comment uttered or internalised.  It is the phrase that is the source of inaction and procrastination the world over.  Look back in your life, even as recent as probably yesterday.  When you uttered this phrase did it get action or INACTION in response.  I've come to realise it is a major source of failure by inaction.  Fear in the form of over thinking.  It stalls us and leads us to a myriad of scenarios like a Minotaur maze, afraid to turn the next corner for fear of being gored by bad choice.  "What if he says no?" or "What if they fire me?" or "What if they like me?" and what if on the way to asking "what if" a frickin' meteor falls out of the sky and splits your nut in twain!  Here is probably the easiest solution to MOST of the "What if's" in your life: GO ASK!  Talk to the person with the answers you are riddling your brain with and put yourselves and your loved ones out of their MISERY!

               Fear of results are easily as debilitating as spinal paralysis.  And before you people go off on me about para or quadriplegics please understand I sympathise with your condition.  But in this case the paralysis is SELF induced and nothing is more frustrating than to watch a loved one or even yourself immobilised by fear.  I don't mean just to jump off a 20 or more foot diving board for the first time (maybe last hehe).  I mean Watching your life spiral into a complete dumper when you are perfectly capable of pulling up your own backside.  Worst of all? Fear not of failure but of SUCCESS.  This internal intention to fail because we know it means a change in our lives where the things we thought were working for us, like sympathy and having others hold our hands in our suffering will be over.  Is that change so bad? Why? "WHAT IF you succeed?" Well to be fair to my point... you don't know unless you go ask the person who knows best. Or in the case succeed and find out.

You can do this on your own terms.

             Even as I type this I am arguing with myself over this logic.  But I know this to be true.  I've failed on my own terms so succeeding on my own terms I know is the same.  How much success you have really is up to you. So if you don't want to lose family time make it clear that it takes precedents over the payday.  But remember that to have that power you have to be ABLE to make it without making the others pay for you, balance.  I've always said that I don't want to be famous.  I just want to be wanted by my peers for my talents and enjoyed for the smiles I can bring to others days.  So why do I set myself up to fail instead of succeed?  Fear.  Fantasised Expectations Appearing Real.  (thank you Life 101 and John Rogers Insight Seminars

       I know that what I have (or don't) has been as much a choice as anything else. (choice is another topic later I will write) A friend (and he is whether he knows it or not) recently brought to my attention a book that was sitting around gathering dust till he had a chat with a well know musician of Motley fame and was banging on about it.  The Artist's Way  by Julia Cameron.  My personality is known as a "GHOST artist."  When he told me this I knew it was the correct analysis.  So I will be obtaining a copy but I have signed up for the online version with the Author direct in hand to coach in the interim.  It's free for now but once I have the book I will pay for the full access.  

 If you want to make money you have to spend money!

      I know this may sound trite but it's true.  Any time I have spent money for professional reasons it has come back fourfold. When I have spent it in the pursuit of happiness (on the kids or my wife) it has also come back to me in the way of  work or even a winning lottery ticket. (no not THAT big a win. Always just enough) So it's like a commitment to yourself.  A contract if you will.  Those that know me know how I feel about them and commitments or promises.  So once I make it there is no turning back.  But making that step is always the hardest.  
      So as I and some others I know make this step towards no longer saying "WHAT IF..." but "I KNOW!" I will fill you in as I can.  If you are tired of "WHAT IF..." then follow some of the links I have planted in here... and come along on your own path to starting to succeed.

     See you on the other side!

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