Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Two days ago Prime Minster Harper made a statement that said he condemned the "rocket attacks" on Israel.
From the Sun News website
I mean there aren't even any Jewish settlement in the Gaza strip any more so WTF?!

Ok, so the Liberals make a VERBAL stand "for the first time in forever" (Cue Disney(c) music).  Looks pretty solid.

Credits: REUTERS/Chris Wattie
 "Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict," Harper said. "It is evident that Hamas is deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region." 

Is this sufficient?  If we are going to be taken as something other than a mouthpiece country where the mid-east is concerned we need to do more than talk.  we are still a commonwealth  nation.  Self governed but our allegiance is still to the crown of Britain.  Like it or not we are still subjects of Her Majesty. (which I have NO problem with... I like a strong matriarch in the family)  Where are the rest of her subjects loyalty, voices and military?!  never mind the US who don't know HOW to ask for self governance.  they'd rather demand it and rip it out of the hearts of others.  ( but I digress as this is not a US/UK history lesson)  The US has the means and methods to send a crippling blow to Hamas and Hezbollah.  Return to the same "support of Israel".  Talk from THAT jabber mouth MEANS something.  But talk from Harper.... well you might as well offer to threaten Hamas with forced reading of a Street Car Named Desire.  Way to "upset" the Palestinians Prime Minister.  That'll get 'em furious.  Come on!  We have a very capable, trained, skilled and veteran military force the commonwealth over.  Talk is cheap Mr. Harper.  DO something!

We know his history of jabber jawing cowardice is a nothing more than political and financial self preservation. (which is contradictory for a liberal government known for overspending and budget blow-outs) But at a time where the Liberals are cutting back the military budget and reducing recruiting or in some cases shutting recruitment entirely, what else he can do?  The last time we stopped recruiting it left a five year void of new personnel. Lot's of corporals and no privates.  Five years of a broken chain of command structure with almost no hope of recovery unless you consider reservists a fighting force.  We are only 2 years into that recovery and now we break it again.  COME ON HARPER CHOOSE!!! Are we a nation of pride and support?  Or just a nation of lip service and hand jobs with a little forced US fellatio.


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