Saturday, July 26, 2014


I've been hard at it, and pouring out plenty both here and in the "twitterverse".  But now I need to take 4 days and spend them with my family as I have some coming for a visit.  My time will be focused on them and blissfully ignorant of the pain and suffering of the world.  I give thanks and appreciate the freedoms I have because of the sacrifices that many have made before.  The fact that I can take a mental vacation speaks volumes to the situation we have in North America and in Canada particularly. We do not think the way many over seas do. Though many here (ignorantly) bitch and complain about their lots in life, they will never understand how tenuous is the lives of our eastern counterparts.  That in a moment the anger  washing over of the many mindless and embittered people, crashing rage unconscionable.  Only knowing that someone said be angry and show pictures to justify their rant. Pictures, videos (mostly partial) that insight and support their anger.

But around the world the younger generation has shown it can think like a westerner and realize that that kind of inflammatory and devastating behavior serves no one. No one but the will of the tyrannical partisan who gets off on the power wielded by angering many.  These are the people that need help, therapy and a good time-out (or spanking, I won't judge).

These are the people that have forgotten or don't care what lives mean.  How valuable a life is.  In the mid-east where these sad, angry individuals are most predominantly, they are able to convince others to do their bidding and sacrifice their children.  From all I have seen and read... I do not feel they believe in the sanctity of life and most importantly their children. Child soldiers, martyrs, bait, or shields.  These are children that don't have the luxury of learning to be kids. They learn the hate and desire to sacrifice for a cause that will make their parents proud.  In the end isn't that what all children want?

So I will take four days and let my kids make me proud and bask in that pride. I will make my kids proud of me and bask in that too.  Barring a heart attack or lightening or even a car crash, I will be blogging again Tuesday. Be well and be good to one another.

Yours In Clay and Water

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