Thursday, July 17, 2014


That's all it is.  A sunny day. Maybe in your neck of the woods it isn't and for that I sympathise, here though it is a sunny day.  A complete lack of political strife and religious embalming this day.  I can't help but smile as my children bask in their parents joy and attention.  This is what true happiness is about my friends... not the sanctimonious theistic pounding of our faith leaders.  Fear and loathing in hell.  A day free of all those things designed to scare the pants off you since you were a child... excellent.  A day free of your government not collapsing around your ears.. SUPERB!  What more can there be when happiness in family without the threat of G-D or Government raining fire and taxes on our heads.. nothing but PRICELESS!

I am also thankful that I live in Canada.

Yours in Clay & Water

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