Monday, July 21, 2014


The video of the report from News agency Aljazeera

Are you kidding me? The UN keeps their mouths shut why hundreds of rockets fly into Israel. Randomly aimed into civilian and tourist areas, and now Israel responds they say something? Where are their heads during the previous weeks attacks? Lighting up hooka's and sucking back cold ones?  I am dumbfounded by this complete denigration of a recognised nation. A nation that is not only tolerant but multi faithed.  When what is supposed to be a world leader of multinational oversight and assistance stands up and says SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL for telling the Palestinian people that you were coming to attack.  Shame on you for making it clear that further strikes by Hamas would be answered with precision and power.  Shame on you for with-holding strikes when targets were walled with innocent children and women. SHAME SHAME SHAME.  Congratulations for hitting innocents that were put there to die to make Hamas look benevolent and ignore the unprovoked rocket barrage.  Please Israel go sit in a corner and think about what you have done!

SERIOUS?!  Does the UN have any respect left?  Can we take them even remotely seriously any more.  See what happens when you put sycophants in charge of an over-bloated, self righteous, power mongering (but powerless) body of wealthy goombas in a room together and ask them to do good? This is as bad as when the man who coined and defined the term Apartheid  Nelson Mandela referred to Israel AS an apartheid state.  A state that has multi-faithed members of government, police, military, and many other levels of national jobs.  A state that has given more than ever asked of, surrendered (though grudgingly) territories that sense says they shouldn't for the sake of security, and even when offered more land back in the 40's refused it as "unnecessary".

How can any world power that is governed by a democratic secular body look at Israel and say shame on you?  If Israel was blown to the four winds tomorrow the nations around them would go back to hating each other.  The ONLY thing unifying the UAE is Israel.  "The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend."

If ANYONE believes this would be other tomorrow if Israel went poof is living in a world of "Celophane flowers of yellow and green".

Yours in Clay & Water.

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