Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It has come to my attention in familial debates that |Israel is completely dependant upon the US for financial aid and other countries like Turkey, Canada, China for its entire food resources and energy. Turkey being it's number one import source.

Now it is true that Turkey oddly enough was the first Arab nation to recognise the state of Israel back in 1949. But it's standing as it number one source of food and fuel, mmm not so much.

Most countries require outside assistance to support their economy and industries.  Be it raw materials for manufacturing of complex products for export or food for it's nations wants. All countries depend on others for technology and it's raw materials in today's world economy.

Israel has has joined the OECD and has FREE TRADE agreements with the EU,US, Turkey, Canada, Jordan, Mexico, and Egypt. Turkey stands as it's Sixth largest export partner and though their economic ties are important they are not dependant on each other.  Either could survive quite well without the other economically but stability in the region would hit an all time low.  Eventually, without quick action to secure new military partners the Israel's standing in the S&P's and other markets would degrade reducing their ability to borrow. So the idea that Turkey is Israel's primary trade partner is bogus.  Militarily they are fairly joined at the hip.  Selling military technology completely developed in Israel and sharing training space and exercises is a huge departure from the days of Ottoman genocide.  Given present political ties it would seem to the uninitiated that it would soon head that way. After having given up Mossad agents in Iran and the Flotilla debacle costing the lives of 8 Turkish citizens based on bad intel and over reacting of the team on site, they still trade at record levels. That's a personal record not some "Guinness Book" levels.

I have not looked this closely at the economics of Israel and the region in general.  This has been an eye opener for certain.  But to say that the war against Hamas is an economic machine is tantamount to vile. Hamas (and the coalition government of Palestine) seem to have a complete disregard for life and consider every death as a valuable asset to their fight.  willing to sacrifice all to the cause of martyrdom. No sane leadership would be willing to sacrifice their future for being "right".  It would destroy ANY future a nation would have.  Without children you do not have a future.

  So if the war were to end then the so called military aid from the US would shift to more agriculture and other ecological stimulus that would be just as viable as the war machine. Sighting their pharmaceutical and other medical discoveries and treatments that Israel is a world leader in can be read in the links.  The Technological discoveries in science and military applications is even more prolific and economically viable an export. As for fuel, the last 10 years of Natural Gas discovery  in the dead sea, that is used both to generate electricity and heating homes gives them the independence they need to make decisions politically.

Israel's GDP supports growth well into the future.  A future that will happen regardless of Hamas.  Both Palestine and Israel would grow together if each supported the other.  The potential of strength of economy and security would only work through the removal of Hamas as a partner in government and cessation of all hostilities and hate.

Peace can be achieved when sanctity of life exists as an immutable choice by those who hate. When sensibility fills the void created by the loss of hundreds of years of hate.

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