Thursday, June 26, 2014


It has been some time since I have posted on my blog and I doubt that anyone has read this of late.  None the less I felt compelled to fornicate upon this bed again.

"The Gentile" as you may know has basically been censured for seeking truths and telling them.  When he discovered that a government official was perusing and commenting on his own blog during the tax payers dime he called him out.  Now as to the content of the subject matter, that is for all to read when reposted, and believe me it will be when the time comes. For this action he was censured with strong arm tactics by powers that were nothing short of abused.  We have often talked about Freedom of Speech V.S Freedom of Expression.  We have the Latter and not the former here in Canada.  Under this auspices he was abused.  He was asked to cease and desist or be charged with a hate crime and fined as well as fired.  It came from VERY high up and under normal circumstances it never would have come from so high.  Now did the aforementioned official receive sanctions or disciplinary action? NOPE!

The Gentile has been my friend and dare I say the older brother I never had.  We will ride again and when we do... Good luck knocking us off the air!  And as for that Government putz hiding behind his desk and loopholed power this country has provided him, be warned.  It's the only one I am giving you.  Retirement is a real bitch to get someone fired from.  I salute you oh terrorist supporter on my dime.  From hells heart I stab at thee... or at least this:

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