Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blazing Cat Fur: Islamic students pray at public school

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Blazing Cat Fur: Islamic students pray at public school

*below is my take*
If Hindu's are getting upset why aren't you?

To subvert our public schools under the guise of "safety" concerns that "Some don't come back after going to the mosque..." is as spineless as it gets. If the parents permit the kids to sign out for prayers but they in turn don't go... I suggest the problem isn't one for the school but the parents who obviously want to ensure the brain washing has taken hold. Which THANK G-D it hasn't. They would rather go play than pray! So leave the discipline to the parent's who gave them permission to sign their 12 and 13 year old butt's out.
Now if you wanted to showcase an all faiths demonstration put on by the kids as a lesson in understanding then knock yourself out. But to subvert the school caff. for the purposes of accommodating the Muslim parents desire to segregate their children, is unconscionable. To allows them to not only segregate their own kids from each other but to do so from the rest of the student body by denying access... smacks of brainwashing and cultism. While further insulting our intelligence by doing it right in our faces under the guise of Human rights. Don't think for one second that the Imam isn't smiling at the delicious poison dipped thorn he's shoving under our skins.

This is all a very orchestrated and slow subversion of the western world people. the PC'ers want to help them along the path of takeover and they don't even know it. You want to practice your dear belief's that you love so much why on earth did you move away from the place that supports your desires best. Why move here? Because you were ordered to. You follow blindly and willingly. Do it in your house do it in your mosques... but that is where MY PC ends. keep your brutal, subversive, life devaluing and contradictory beliefs out of MY SCHOOLS and away from my children.

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